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Ubiquitous Presenter

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What Is It?

"Ubiquitous Presenter (UP) is an outgrowth of University of Washington's Classroom Presenter (CP), a program that uses Tablet PC ink to allow instructors to annotate pre-prepared slides and students to create submissions for in-class activities. UP extends this functionality by taking many of CP's features onto the web."
 -- Ubiquitous Presenter Website, 2008-02-12

Supported Platforms

  • Windows XP Tablet PC


  • To make ink submissions, you must have Java ≥ 1.5 installed. We recommend one of the following browsers: On Windows: Google Chrome ≥ 0 Mozilla/Firefox ≥ 1.5 On OS X: Mozzila/Firefox ≥ 1.5 On Linux: Mozilla/Firefox ≥ 1.5