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2010-06-28 Focus Group of CS4HS @ Cal Participants (High School Teachers)

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What would you want from an online resource?

  • College credit and recovery
  • Connects me with my next level, user friendly for teacher
  • Online AP CS course
  • Tutorial for something (kid out for a week, for them)
  • Scope and sequence for a new AP textbook
    • As I upload my work, I connect it with a resource
  • Well-documented projects
    • Students can see how everything is linked together
  • Sections of information about CS that apply to non-CS courses
    • English teacher
  • Projects that relate to the experiences of the kids
  • Exciting projects and a chance to come together and show the projects
  • Online collaboration space for students
  • Subversion repository for student projects
  • One stop shop of "where to go find stuff"
    • How to build your own Moodle, etc.
    • I learn things by delayed word of mouth
    • Distribute information about new material
  • Concept map for Scratch
    • Community to help develop it, concept map, assess kids coming in to figure out how to scaffold
  • Hosted videos of final project demo
    • Web tool, prezi.com
    • sliderocket.com
  • Google apps for writing, presentations
  • Link sharing, something that is well managed and categorized
  • Place where we can talk to each other, have a discussion
  • Guide that maps different resources to requirements
  • Standards?
    • e.g., Cal tech ed for CS
  • Using Google Maps to integrate all CS classes offered
    • Web presentation to highlight how uneven and underdeveloped is
  • Computation thinking skills activities for K-8
  • Connect CS teachers with resources (grad students, etc)
    • AP workshop
  • Password protected on the teachers side
  • If collaborative course, we could have larger competition
    • Undergrads at Stanford did this for a programming competition, it took 80 hours of planning
    • Say a Bay Area Scratch competition?
      • Frank Lee might talk about what it took to communicate with schools to show up
      • Setting expectations.
      • Start small

How many have used an online resource?

  • I used Alice and someone showed that
  • Alice has an online storehouse of tutorials
  • Need cultural relevence


  • Reviews and why
  • Nervous about a review thing, might get discouraged
  • "Is this comment helpful?"
  • Versioning makes things complicated (i.e., there was a bug in v1.0, not in v1.1, how does the comment that "there's a bug!" get removed?)rrffv

How do you do it now (teach, find resources)?

  • I had help, curtom work
  • CSTA
  • Scaffolded projects (evolved over time)


  • Continuous, so every little action earns something
  • Yahoo answers get points (likes verbose answers, gives "best answer")