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Meeting Notes 2011-10-05

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Meeting Notes 2011-10-05

meeting notes 10/5/2011

Welcome to Royce

Luke: needs top achievement people

New Front Page
like the Smile page for the arches
at the bottom: feeds, recently changed/live data stuff (?), recent badges/roles/achievements

November 19/20-- possible trip to Philly with Luke: the big Ensemble meeting

Team checkins:

TECH: Piazza page demo
too many quotes? "description" v "what is it" section
TMCnet.com 2011/08/05 quote to the what is it section, everything else to reviews
create new field for "Reviews" so we don't
- clarify the tutorial page if needed

looked into OAI server, script from Monica for converting data,
Do we have a local test site? --Luke will forward it
test site also server you can use

been studying javascript the last week, emailed Mark but still waiting on reply to get access to code
can get javascript from site (Gabe's suggestion)
will meet with Luke

Speed Team:
will make a new column in the spreadsheet for people to claim
Dan: remind people during leads meeting

Royce: (Intro)
Moderators for each TECH topic
work with Jessica who is doing the submission page for "this day in history", do smiliar thing for TECH
- email to notify the moderators of a new submission
- email to notify moderators of new comments
- make possible to comment on topic page, email moderators
- make topic page have full description of what they are, not just data pull from leaf nodes
and possibly more data columns about description/cost, not "type" and "terms" (Luke might help with this)
needs to talk to Yinlin
also Boots' team (?)