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Meeting Notes 2011-09-14

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Meeting Notes 2011-09-14

Welcome to Gabe!!

  •   initialization email to Dan
  • OAI import



  • different trees for same leaves, decision on what view to take (by resource type, by topic, etc)



  •  feed on front page "Recent Promotions"

What is Roles? page

  • make/make linked to/pointed to


Other projects

  • making live feed editable
  • login to rate
  • clicking checkboxes? make decisions on UI for achievements (strikethrough? etc)
  • TECH page new tools on the side, the logo needs to be shrinked/resized (keep original) or make the tools smaller (sidebar)

  User Form for submission for review-- (TECH pages)

  • "Submit Ensemble Submission" => "Submit Ensemble resource" (top of page tab 'contribute resources')
  • put new TECH page under that contribute resources tab?


  • find the giant meta-data page to fill in
  • select a topic needs to be easy and visible


  • use form from "create new technology page"
  • don't save to live, instead forward to moderator.


  • 2 links in the contribute resources tab: one for resources, one for TECH page (or maybe icons too to make it look better)


Other TECH stuff

  • "Tutorial For Creating A Technology Page" (by sara) needs to be find-able(currently under TECH developers)
  • get new technologies in there (Dan has a list): **anybody feeling idle** can work on putting in new technologies

We are using Ensemble Priority List! (google doc)
Dan did #11 already!
Added Gabe to the google doc
BJC (Beauty and Joy of Computing) into Ensemble added to the doc

What we are working on:
Ian & Aatash & Kelsey: speedup and efficiency
* already have data on the google doc (speedup links tab)

"This day in computing" submission form, dump to test bin

Kelsey: badges & efficiency

Computing jokes page incomplete still (used to be Samir & Malika?)