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Technical preparations for fall -- am I forgetting anything?

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Technical preparations for fall -- am I forgetting anything?


I have to submit my technical needs for my fall class now (OK, it's already overdue a good bit). I figure, this is high stakes and I could use some feedback if you think there's anything else I should recommend.

Reminder, I am doing Alice and Excel.

So I need:
Office 2007
Alice 2.2

I have an in-dept moodle.
What else am I forgetting?
Do I want to provide stuff like: skype (if they'll let me), ...? Any other computationally-enabled applications that have (or are on the cusp) of changing society? Anything that would let me address privacy issues? Route tracing software?

What about a place where students can easily post and share their Alice worlds? Basically, I want a place
a) for grading -- you have to put all your created materials (alice or excel sheets) here for grading (uploading to moodle might be an option, but the quickest the tutors can grade, the better

b) for "sharing" -- I want students to be able to post their stuff to share with others (possibly anonymously to each other, but probably not anonymous to me). This is to provide examples and motivation to the other students (which has been a great help in media comp).

I see that they could make videos of the non-interactive ones and put them up on youtube. What about posting the actual, runnable code?
Can one launch Alice inside a browser? Or is your only option to download it and run it locally? If that were true, the definitely having them pick a "screen shot" to display with the link (and description?) would be good.

Basically, I want a local version of the scratch projects page. Maybe where each homework is a gallery? (Is that how they are orged?)