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Meeting Notes 2011-07-08

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Emily G.
Meeting Notes 2011-07-08

Present (via Google+ hangout): Dan, Luke, Ian, Kelsey, Samir, Malika, Jessica, Emily


1. Dan expressed reluctance to give moderators responsibility before TECH is current. The resources he has accumulated over the last 3 years need to be added to TECH. Recent CS10 all-stars could possibly help with this project, although Luke noted that the process is tedious.

2. Information that has been recently added to the old plone site needs to be added to our site.

3. Once TECH is current and it can be released to moderators, they need to be notified when new resources are suggested or contributed. Perhaps bspace email lists could be used.

4. Posting resources to TECH was discussed. It needs to be easy, but we hope to give contributers the option to add more information if they can and want to.

5. TECH resource submission system should also make it easy for us to update submissions.

6. Badges group needs to send out the most recent sketch of the badge presentation and get going on making a working version.

7. Samir has learned a lot about Drupal, he and Aatash will continue to work on usability concerns.

To do: 

1. Create a Google Doc (Luke) to organize and prioitize current projects.  Choose/assign tasks bassed on difficulty and importance.

2. Badges will send out recent ideas to group for feedback.

3. Use the website. Figure out what it is missing from it that communities would want and what is unneccessary/confusing.

4. FUTURE SUMMER MEETINGS: 9pm (Pacific time) Sunday evenings on Google+ hangout.