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PACE Constitution and Rationale - post April 26, 2011

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On April 26, 2011, a meeting was held to form the CECC (Computing Education Coordinating Council). The following actions took place:

• The name of the group was changed from CECC to PACE (Partnership for Advancing Computing Education).

• There was general agreement by all attending organizations (ACM, AIS, CSTA, IEEE-CS and NCWIT) on the purpose, structure and start-up activities for PACE. However, there were some items needing further interaction and settlement.

• Mark Guzdial (from Georgia Tech) was selected as the PACE Administrative Director.

• Heikki Topi (from Bentley U.) is managing and coordinating the final steps in establishing a PACE Constitution.

• NCWIT will provide the first Chair of the PACE board of directors. A revised version of the Constitution and a PACE Rationale statement are attached. The next step for each organization is to get approval through their governance process (e.g., approval by a governing Board) for the PACE Constitution and their membership in PACE.