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What's the equivalent to a Wiki on this site?

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What's the equivalent to a Wiki on this site?

I wanted to set up a space regarding Assessment that we could all easily edit and contribute to... basically a Wiki. But I didn't see anything that appears to be Wiki-like.

I'm sure I must be missing something, since that's an obvious kind of collaborate space. There is a plain old "Page" which is fine, but I'm guessing that there is some content form that is obvious but I'm just not seeing.

Can anyone point me to the proper resource link/type?

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Desired characteristic; maybe use GoogleDoc
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One of the key desirable characteristics of such a space is that history should be stored and reviewable.

I recall that there was talk of using GoogleDocs (posting links to those docs on this site). Perhaps it was for because the equivalent functionality isn't available on this site?

Is _this_ site basically just going to be a discussion forum and a repository of links to other places?

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