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Needed Lab Materials (or possibly homeworks or examples for class)

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Big Ideas Looking for Labs (homeworks, examples)

  1. I.A.1 The student can analyze how computing has affected communication and cognition.
  2. I.A.6 The student can communicate the ways in which computing-enabled innovations affect communication and cognition.
  3. I.A.8 The student can work effectively in teams to demonstrate how computing-enabled innovations affect communication and cognition.
  4. III Data and Information facilitates the creation of knowledge (ALL CLAIMS)
  5. IV.C Computational problems can be categorized by their complexity.
  6. IV.D Algorithms are evaluated
    1. Take a look at the Algorithm Viz stuff -- sorting out sorting...
  7. V.B Programs are developed and used by people.
  8. VI. Digital devices, systems, and the networks that interconnect them enable and foster computational approaches to solving problems.
  9. VII. Computing enables innovation in other fields including science, social science, humanities, arts, medicine, engineering, and business.