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How to install Drupal

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There are serveral ways to install drupal:

1. Installing Individual Components: You can install drupal on AMP components. Initially you have to donwload Apache HTTP server compatible with your OS. After you install, you have to donwload and install MySQL database. You have to create a new database for drupal installation. After that you have to download and install PHP (libraries) from php.net site. Then you have to go to Drupal.org and download the Drupal 6 files and following the instructions give at that site.

2. Installing from a AMP Stack (Simpler): You can donwload the AMP (Apache, MySQL and PHP) stack compatibel with your OS and install it. Once you install and running all the components you can go to drupal.org and download drupal files and install drupal as per the given instructions.

3. Installing from Drupal stack (Simplest): You can download the drupal stack which has AMP (Apache, MySQL and PHP) and Drupal. When you install it give user name and password and port numbers for Apache server and MySQL database. Once you install launch drupal in website.

Detailed instructions for installing and running drual from a drupal stack (Approach no.3 here) are given in the powerpoint presentation attached to this page. Please download it and see how to install and run drupal. The drupal installation demonstrated in this presentation is typical installation for Windows Operating System and it is very similar to other operating systems like Mac and Linux etc.

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