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SIGCSE 2010 groups who might use Ensemble to help build their community

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Dan Garcia
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SIGCSE 2010 groups who might use Ensemble to help build their community

Here are potential communities who might use Ensemble to help build their community.

  1. Passion, Beauty, Joy and Awe movement (contact: Dan Garcia) : Friday 3:30-4:45pm Panel in Room 202C
  2. Teaching Track Faculty (contact: Dan Garcia, Julie Zelenski, Dave Reed, Don Slater, Susan Rodger) : Wed 12-5pm workshop, BOF Th 5:15-6pm in room 102D
  3. It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (contact Robert McCartney) : Sat 10:40am-11:55am Spec Sess in Room 202C
  4. CS Unplugged (contact Tim Bell) : Workshop 27 (they have a site but I don't see a Web 2.0 community)
  5. Creating Mobile Phone Applications with App Inventor for Android (contact: Ellen Spertus) : Workshop 22 (they already have a development community via Google groups, perhaps may not need more)
  6. Alice 3 and Java for CS1 & AP CS (contact Wanda Dunn) : Workshop 19 (related to AP Pilots)
  7. Concurrency movement (contact: Michael Wrinn, Intel, Tom Murphy @ Contra Costa College). Paper session Fri 10:30am-noon in 102AB, Panel Thu 3:45-5pm in 202C
  8. Computational Thinking (contact: Dan Garcia) We need Wiki for our special session. Fri 10:30am-11:45am in room 202C
  9. CS 10K (contact Jan Cuny) Dan will see Jan tomorrow in ATL and ask
  10. AP Computing : Fundamentals (contact Lien Diaz @ Collegeboard). There is an advisory group. Also, 5 Pilots were just chosen, they could use resource collection facilities. More after this weekend. There may be confidentiality issues here.
  11. Nifty Assignments (contact: Nick Parlante)

I want to point out the following BOF:
Building User-groups for Educators
Thursday 6:10-55pm in room: 202C
Paul  Steinberg,   Intel Academic Community
Tom  Murphy,   Contra Costa College
Increasingly, we rely on on user-based communities, yet building such communities can be complex. In this BOF, we will explore some basic questions: How do we build a user community for academics world-wide? How do we reach out to a diverse set of professionals at markedly different institutions? What are the best strategies for promoting engagement and user-generated content? What conversational styles and technologies work, and which do not? What possibilities exist for industry and academic cooperation? How can we best make use of new social media tools and trends? The conversation will be led by an academic community manager from industry and a computer science professor who has been at the forefront of building HPC learning communities. The intent is to assist both those building new communities and expanding existing ones. Particular attention will be paid to the use of internet-based & innovative platforms as well as the challenges of reaching a diverse user base.