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2010-01-28 Conference call notes

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JCDL plans : Ed will organize paper submission; Boots will organize poster; Peter with Steve Carpenter will organize a demonstration including Second Life. Conference extension with Second Life. Mini version of minute-madness? Steve Carpenter joins the call, requests specs for submission. Focus -- another aspect of the multi-portal
JCDL: Papers due Feb 1 5pm EST
Demos 8
Posters 15
Peter will be in Hawaii at that time, so time difference will be less than for the East Coast people.

Time difference between EST and conference time is 15 hours.

Focus groups. Subject populations. Some concerns at TAMU about IRB. Steve will follow up on that. Boots and Greg have a list of possible participants in a first focus group. More to follow.

Lois: options for display of controlled vocabulary.
Peter: searching of ontology as well as the display.
Form a subgroup of PIs and students who are interested in the display and use of vocabularies.
There is a small group working on this, add new VU students and Peter.
Vocabularies for browsing

Change the name of CS1 to be more inclusive of the other computing education domains.

Single vocabulary for target audience to use throughout the site.

Use a subset of the computing ontology for the subject vocabulary.

Connect topics in the CS1 area with things in the TECH area.

Programming languages list is also broader than just the CS1 area. Connect to the programming languages area of the ontology.

Dan: Integrating TECH. Export from original site into XML, done.
Rewards: Verge of draft in the Berkeley site -- a week or two.

Photo sharing under way; demonstrate in a couple of weeks.

Schedule for workshop at SIGCSE -- coming soon.
Dan and Lois happy to be available.

Skip a week next week.