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2010-01-21 Conference Call

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JCDL paper deadline extended. Still time to get information in to Ed.

Discussion of Focus group
-- Hold one in the Philadelphia area, record and share the result with the group.
-- Possible one in Second Life
-- Possible one at SIGCSE

Peter -- Focus group with students looking at usability

-- See messages from Bob Siegfried about focus groups.

Peter -- will try to engage the Information Sciences faculty to establish priorities for what will be most valuable.

Difference between focus groups and alpha testing
Focus groups -- formative
Alpha testing -- looking for usability or correctness issues.

Lois -- team meeting yesterday
Want to initiate forward activity on subdocuments.
Walden's path -- incorporate subdocuments
Peter's experience with student authoring and reviewing
Frank -- Walden's paths with subdocuments makes sense. May be an easy merge.
Rick -- Some experience with students generating Walden's paths
--- templates prepared by teachers, filled in by students.
Frank -- Teachers find student projects of authoring a path much like a survey or term paper. Walden's paths can be an activity as well as a resource.

Boots - Share things in Facebook

Ed -- metadata in Ensemble and links to sources in other locations
Can we record interviews with interesting computing people and post those -- check into the project by Barbara et al.