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Alpha Testing

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See below some questions to consider as you explore. Please be sure to
report any
problems you face, anything you find confusing, and feel free to give
suggestions on
how things can be improved. Don't be constrained by the questions;
report anything
that might be noteworthy.

* Is it easy to:
- browse
- search
- get to tools
- find out about communities
- get involved in a community
* Are your expectations met:
- system speed/performance
- search effectiveness
- clarity of results
* Are the following clear:
- what this site is for
- who is developing the system
- who are partners helping with / involved in the effort
- who are project sponsors
* Is the site usable:
- suitable layout
- simplicity
- remembering where you are
- support of tasks that should be facilitated
* Do you have a clear understanding regarding
- what is a community
- what is a collection
- what types of searches are supported, and what each does
- why getting a login is worthwhile
- what is the role/benefit of Facebook connection
- what is the value/use of OpenID

Focus Group questions:

What is your usage model (how would you envision using a site such as this?)

How important are the following features planned for this system:
* Points and badges and recognition of user contributions?
* Social connections among users?

What features of other Web 2.0 sites are missing from our site that you would like to see here? What are the 2 or 3 most important?

From Lois:
Ensemble users associated with existing collections:
1. Curators/owners of existing collections
they want more users/viewers/contributors
2. (current) Users of existing collections
they want more contributions? exposure to other collections?
3. Contributors to collections
they want use counts/badges?
4. Community members that comment on and discuss content in collections
they want an active discussion? they want counts/badges?

University Faculty Members:
(small) items - individual examples, questions, diagrams
(medium) items - individual lectures, tests, assignments, simulations,
(large) items - syllabi with all associated lectures, assignments

University students:

High school teachers?:

High school students?:

Professional societies/groups who want a private place to put their working

Professional societies/groups who want a public place: for discussion? for
content? for ...?

From Dan:
If you were to create a new social network for a new group, what would make Ensemble the right choice to be the space you use?

From Greg: Get input from the evaluators.

Also get input from Maggie. From the whole board.

CC on all discussions about focus groups once we have something preliminary.

Boots --->>> get in touch with Bob and talk about focus groups. Report back next week.

From Dan:
Check status of faculty badges and such. What profile information do we need?

TECH now ready to export to the Ensemble site.

More next week.

Complete focus groups in February.