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Meeting Nites 2009-12-07

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Meeting Nites 2009-12-07

*Where data is stored - how to export to Fedora database
*Customize badges so that w can give badges for specific actions, not juts overall points
*Need to have done by beginning of semester
*Put points next to each user's name
*How to change/build modules
*site demo:
-needs more work to look like what TECH site will be
-put up content types (forums, production pages there already - need all)
-badge customization - use point categories. edit moules
-Points categories: sign in as tech. Administer->Content Management->Taxonomy

-Email Yinlin
*edit page in drupal as TECH moderator - how to change fedora and make a new entry in fedora
*updating though slurping? when and how?
*display fedora information nicely. custom look for content
*William did it: check!
-Work on site
*Maybe make a new badges module based on the current one to customize for own uses
*Make list of what badges we want (Google doc)