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Meeting Notes 2009-11-16

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Meeting Notes 2009-11-16

Conference call with Bob Siegfried

"User Points Module" (basic)
-can create categories to assign points
-admin gives points
-points can expire
-different options for points: automatic/moderated, receive message, etc

"Badge Module"
-up to 21 levels. 0 to +10, 0 to -10
-based on total point accumulation and role assigned
-need badges for actions - ex) making a blog post, using rating system, etc

"Moderate Module"
-moderating comments and get points for each action as a moderator
-points for viewing

"User Points Contributed Modules"
-Roles: which roles you want to include in the badge game
-Images: uploadable, give weights to different images, user goal. No breakdown by categories yet but on the thread.

In the user data, database structure
-uid is userid
-under each user, you can see login time and access time
-watchdog- to do the "logged in every day for a month" badge shows login data
-look into the tables for information you want
-taxonomy - doesn't show userids, just badges
-might not be anything that speaks to individual user activities
-userpoint modules tracks information on individual users

-need to set up a development computer
-/node/14 on Drupal is the discussion about current integration
-Drupal can be really slow sometimes...
-Drupal runs off of php and some Java is involved
-quickest way to find a module is google: drupal module ____
-drupal module userpoints badge five point (five point rating system)
-look for references between rules and userpoints & rules and badges

Bob will send us an email with all of the modules and example site (Quasif) access