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What Is It?

Projectors are essential for any teacher who needs to display the screen to the entire class at once. Many different models of projectors exist, so it may be hard to decide on a specific one. Projector Central maintains a list of popular education projectors in several different categories. With the advent of wireless projectors, it has become easier than ever to place the projector in an optimal location. Also, the presenter can potentially move around the room with a tablet PC, ask students to participate, and have the results show up on the screen - all without any wires crisscrossing the room. 


  • Varies
  • Compatibility points (from Popular Classroom Projectors website) to keep in mind when looking for a projector: HDTV, EDTV/480p, SDTV/480i, Component Video, Video, Digital Input, Computers


  • Varies
  • Approximately $500-1,000