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2009-10-29 Meeting notes

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Groups - where do they appear in the site organization.

Lois: What do you see when you log in?
Ability to use breadcrumbs for group names.
Groups and subgroups.
Posting these as suggestions.
Villanova needs to review and take steps to make it happen.

If you click on groups, you see all of them. Too many.

Team members as admins see all.

One site or multiple sites?
If we move to multiple sites, what are the advantages and disadvantages.

Cross site search experience (Rick)
Each site has the same stuff installed.
Multiple sites not planned in that case, but might be added.
How easy or difficult is it to switch from one context to another?
Portland State is using multiple site.
Single drupal install, but each has its own database. Share schemes and branding, but the sites appear to be separate.
This is not something we can do with before November.

(Lois) Looked at breadcrumbs and display of top level of each set.
FOCES and Development are top level groups.
-- Boots --> Check with students about implementing the breadcrumbs and hierarchy. Get this done now.

No Case Tracker unless on the development group.

Simplify the list of items for how to create things.

Tab for Use our Tools
From PS: Two items about tools that are available.

Peter -- Tool to create examples. Then they can be donated to the collection. Will send the URL now so we can test the process.

Rick -- Were talking about the front page, now about what happens when we go through the arches. Should we have subeditors for each of these areas.
--- Greg and Frank for Tools
--- Boots + ? for communities
--- Rick + ? for resources

Under communities -- information needed about the communities.

Some are on the boundary of collection or community. The one that have no other place to be are in the community. Start by making the community be groups that do not have other homes.
Some may be on both sections -- both community and collection.
If they want to store files on the system, they are a community.
Some things may belong in both places.

What will be live in the alpha site?
We need something related to the rewards.

In Tools section, some things and some "coming soon."
Rewards and instrumentation -- show under tools or communities? both?

Lois: Feedback. Feedback on any page.

Activate comments on any and all parts. Feedback without logging in, use the checker to make sure there is no automated feedback spam. (Lois will look into that.)

Need editor for comments. One of the students?
Gather the comments, have students do the first check. Is there a way to bring all the comments to one place for review?

Check with FOCES and ACM about comments.
Comments enabled by default. Can be turned off.

Should we reduce the the number of content options to two -- one allows comments and one that does not? Perhaps more than that. Maybe include story and forum topic. Page (no comment) Page (w/comment), Story, Forum.

Peter -- need taxonomy of content types to aid in search.

Practical question -- What are we going to present in the resources area? Jumping off point to look at these things. Need an organization so we have a place to put things as we add them. Need a migration plan for when we get more resources to organize.
Start with the current list approach. Consistent look for all of the areas.

Replicate the boxes that are there.
Take the rotating box from the home page and put it on the first page behind the arch. Need a landing page for resources, one for communities, and one for tools. Make a template. Take the current computing resources page and make that the template. Add the rotating box. Tell us how to update it. Include a "coming soon" section on each page.

Next -- make a consistent way to update that page.

Lois - travel schedule - at VT on Monday, November 16. Will travel to Washington with Ed from there.