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Meeting Notes 2009-10-12

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Meeting Notes 2009-10-12


* Dan Garcia
* William Li
* James Ide
* Danica Shei
* Daisy Zhou
* Amber Archambo
* Sara LaVigna


* Google conference! Summary of other projects demo-ed there
* Ensemble recursive logo
* Badge ideas were well received
* Blow ensemble's doors off. Get access to ensemble's log data and present a rewards demo using the ensemble data and factor it into our page. Try to get working by Nov 17
* Merging TECH site with fedora back end repository. Has digital library and meta data. The moderators would be modifying the fedora record
* William and James made a scraper and a crawler that converts the plone site. Good job!


* Make two images for every site: screenshot and logo. upload the entire large screenshot onto the page so we can change it to the proper width/height
* Clean the site up
* Remove and incorporate comments and templatize everything 100%
* DDAS: Look at the ensemble logs