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Meeting Notes 2009-10-5

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Meeting Notes 2009-10-5

Danica: Drupal examples, modules that might be useful, case study
Garcia: agenda for Ensemble Google meeting (TECH/organic rating thingy for Dan)
"applications that changed the world" (tangent from cs0)
moving to drupal: needs some editing before or after automated scraping
deadline Launch-- November...
don't want to move it and have it be frozen/static, because plone still works
Dan: Once it's in, how do you edit a leaf node (technology page) in Ensemble
William: it's like plone, you can edit text wysiwyg style, don't need HTML
Dan: needs tree, and multiple ways to get to the same leaf node
(ex: SIGSCE presentations should go straight into TECH site)
for homework/for next meeting:
brainstorm all the things we need for move to ensemble
(would be easier to have a development site)