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Learn to Program with Phrogram Review

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    • Text is pretty limited 
    • Phrogram Express is freeware and works as a supplement to the text, although I don’t know if the IDE provides the same type of hand-holding that Phrogram Standard or Phrogram Academic does. 
    • Toolbar menu starts in simple mode with many of the buttons turned off. 
    • Text is a little wordy seems more interested in convincing the reader that they are having fun than explaining actual programming concepts (as if the text had as much input by marketers as it did by developers). 
    • The simple nature of the text could be good for those inexperienced with technology however.  And the IDE itself does a lot of hand-holding with built in templates and text completion for program skeletons, conditionals, loops, etc. 
    • It appears as I skim through the rest of the text that there is no “assignment” or student exercise, rather the entire program is given to the student one section at a time and that nothing is left for the student to figure out on their own.