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How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python Review

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      • Very straightforward text.  To the point, very little fluff.  Perhaps a bit dry because of this. 
      • No exercises or problems in the chapters, albeit lots of examples. 
      • Good glossary at the end of every chapter. 
      • I like the ordering of the curriculum.
      • Functions, Conditionals, Recursion, and then more standard Loops. 
      • Quite robust in the end covering Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries, Classes, Inheritance, Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues, Trees
      • Not really suitable for first course text although a good on-line reference for a first course curriculum that involves Python.


This textbook has since been revised. The 2nd edition can be found here: http://www.openbookproject.net/thinkCSpy/ and is a wonderful improvement on the first edition. The text now contains exercises at the end of each chapter and the entire book can be found on-line at the above URL.

By payal