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Introduction to Computing and Algorithms Review

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From the back cover:
“By taking an algorithm-based approach to the subject, this book helps readers grasp overall concepts, rather than getting them bogged down with specific syntax details of a programming language…”


    • While Algorithmics seems to be a great book for every budding (or experienced?) computer scientist to have around, this book seems to be a great book for every programmer to have around.  It covers, in a very 1000 feet up fashion, algorithms and data structures and all things programming with a little theory covered in the final chapter.


    • Lots of good exercises at the end of each chapter (writing/understanding pseudo-code).  Could see this as a good supplement and reference for an introductory programming course.


    • Chapter 1 is actually quite different than I would have expected with a brief history of paradigm shifts from Preliterate Literal Existence through Absolute Abstraction, Mechanistic Thinking, and finally to Computational Models.


    • Chapter 2 starts talking about algorithms.
    • Chapter 3 settles in to programming with variables, data types, arithmetic, and conditionals.


  • This book was a pleasant surprise.  I think it’s on par with Algorithmics as a first course supplement.  I would weigh my decision on whether the first course will be an introduction to computer programming (in which case I might choose this text) or a first course in computer science (in which case I might choose Algorithmics).