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CS Promotional Videos

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      UW has produced three wonderful promotional videos that can be used in the cs classroom to inspire, or outside of the classroom to promote interest in the field of cs. 

      Pathways in Computer Science
        -- “illustrates the diverse pathways that students pursue after receiving Bachelors degrees in computer science or computer engineering.” 
        -- the video profiles careers in computational biology research, forest firefighting technology, neurobotics, enabling textbook graphics for the blind, and work in India connecting rural communities through technology 

      Power to Change the World
        -- “presents clips from interviews with roughly a dozen University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, and faculty, explaining why they chose computer science as their field.”
        -- “provides first person accounts of why Computer Science & Engineering students, alumni and faculty chose computer science as their field, in order to expose high school students to the field and show that it is exciting, diverse (not just programming!), and full of opportunities.”
      “breaks computer science stereotypes and thereby encourage high school students of all kinds to consider computer science as a career.”

      A Day in the Life
        -- “describes the lives of recent bachelors graduates from University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering, in several 2-minute profiles.”
        -- “presents an accurate portrayal of the nature of employment in the software industry. Bright Computer Science & Engineering majors typically secure highly collaborative, creative, diverse, challenging, well compensated positions that provide a flexible, fun lifestyle and appeal to a diverse population.”
        -- “shows that the computer science field is much more than just programming or video games.”
        -- “provides near-future role models for high school aged females -- people with whom high school students can identify, and who they can see themselves becoming in a few years. These role models will resonate with people who might not otherwise consider computer science as a field, or who might be discouraged from entering the field because of perceived stereotypes.”

      From the website:
        -- “Why do undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty choose computer science & engineering as their field? What takes place during a day in the life of a CSE alum working in the software or Internet industry?”
        -- “Three videos from University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering address these questions. Take a look! Get a taste of what CSE holds in store for you! Learn more about this exciting field!”