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Karel the Robot

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    • I used a Karel the Robot curriculum (developed by the wonderful folks at Thomas Jefferson High School -- http://academics.tjhsst.edu/compsci/) for all of the last 6 years that I taught CS1. I used it to introduce students to programming, and object-oriented programming in particular. I found it was a great way to get the students to easily wrap their minds around many of the object-oriented concepts that seemed appropriate for a first level course, as well as more traditional programming structures such as conditionals , loops, variables, and procedures.
    • Karel was original created by Richard Pattis at Stanford to teach his students Pascal and has since been used to teach C++, and now Java and Python.
    • Joe Bergin has most recently been carrying the torch and is the primary person behind the books and curriculum at http://csis.pace.edu/~bergin/KarelJava2ed/Karel++JavaEdition.html.
    • If you are looking for a great way to introduce your students to object-oriented programming in a visually rewarding and entertaining way, you should definitely check out this curriculum