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The Ensemble project brings computing to the family of NSDL Pathway projects. The computing pathway will support the full range of computing education communities, provide a base for the development of programs that blend computing with other STEM areas, and produce digital library innovations that can be propagated to other NSDL pathways. Ensemble will create a distributed portal providing access to the broad range of existing educational resources while preserving the collections and their associated curation processes. Ensemble will encourage contribution, use, reuse, review, and evaluation of educational materials at multiple levels of granularity. To accomplish the overall goals, the Ensemble team will also work directly with the relevant professional societies and accreditation agencies to articulate inter-relationships among the computing communities so that resources can be described and discovered based on topical content as well as intended educational audience. An important focus of the project will be on user development and dissemination, supporting and developing a community of users who will contribute to the long term viability of the Ensemble portal and to the NSDL.
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