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ALVIE - Closest Pair

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Collection:   AlgoViz
Source: http://algoviz.org/node/504
Format:   Java Application
Recommendation: Recommended.
Description: Demonstrates a divide and conquer algorithm for computing the closest pair of points within a specified set of points in the Euclidean plane. C-like pseudo-code is included. The visualization tries to mimic as far as possible the animation of the algorithm used by Prof. Ottmann at the University of Freiburg. The visualization shows both the horizontal and the vertical strips used during the merge operation and it uses color to distinguish nodes within a vertical/horizontal strip from nodes out of the strip. Colors are also used to emphasize which nodes and distances are currently under examination. The user can go backward and forward, can zoom in and zoom out, and can set bookmarks. This visualization is easily configurable and localizable.
Evaluation: Simple-to-use user interface for walking through the example, since a good example is already provided with the algorithm. Simply open up the AV (see directions below) and step through the example with pseudo-code. Not clear if one can add data for this particular AV (you can for other ALVIE AVs). As you go through the example, you are directed to the corresponding line in the pseudocode and given a line or two of explanation in the message window. Attractive layout of the data, including colors indicating the current points being considered and an indication of the strip of area within the current maximum distance.
Creator: Pilu Crescenzi  
Publisher: University of Florence  
Subject:   Computational geometry  
Language: english  
Audience:   Educator  Learner  Professional/Practitioner  Researcher  
Education Level:   Higher Education  
Education Material Type:   Instructional Material  Tool  
Relation: AlViE  
Rights: Available on request
ACM CCS 2012:
Human-centered computing Theory of computation Visualization Randomness, geometry and discrete structures Computational geometry