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Collection:   AlgoViz
Source: http://algoviz.org/node/921
Format:   Java Application

Recommendation: Unrated.
Description: Downloadable Java visualization of encoding using a Huffman tree. It's unclear how the Huffman tree itself is generated, and the program's stepwise operation does not show walking down through the tree to encode a letter.
Evaluation: Strengths: no code or algorithm shown; allows arbitrary strings. Weaknesses: difficult to follow; unclear what exactly is being demonstrated; continuous operation simply runs to the end without showing each step at a speed humans can understand

Creator: Sami Khuri  H. Hsu  
Publisher: San Jose State University  
Subject:   Compression Algorithms  Huffman coding  
Language: english  
Relation: Stand-alone  
ACM CCS 2012:
Information systems Human-centered computing Mathematics of computing Information storage systems Visualization Discrete mathematics Record storage systems Graph theory Relational storage Trees Compression strategies