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Gawain Bubble sort

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Collection:   AlgoViz
Source: http://algoviz.org/node/775
Format:   Java Applet
Recommendation: Not Recommended.
Description: Shows a simple bar-swap visualization for Bubble Sort. You see it for a random set of values, a set of reverse-sorted values, and a set of nearly sorted values.
Evaluation: No explanation for how the algorithm works is given beyond the code at the beginning of the page. You just see bars swapping around.
Creator: Alejo Hausner  
Publisher: Princeton University  
Subject:   Quadratic Sorts  
Language: english  
Relation: Gawain  
Rights: Licensed under BSD
ACM CCS 2012:
Human-centered computing Mathematics of computing Theory of computation Visualization Mathematical analysis Design and analysis of algorithms Mathematical optimization Data structures design and analysis Quadrature Continuous optimization Sorting and searching Quadratic programming