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Animated Working of a Two-Three-Four Tree

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Collection:   AlgoViz
Source: http://algoviz.org/node/593
Format:   Java Applet
Recommendation: Has Potential.
Description: A decent take on a 2-3-4 tree.
Evaluation: Strengths: different modes, including step-by-step; animations showing what's happening. Weaknesses: slightly confusing UI; doesn't clearly explain the steps taking place.
Creator: Uday Kumar Reddy Bondhugula  
Publisher: Ohio State University  
Subject:   Search Structures  B-trees  
Language: english  
Relation: Stand-alone  
Rights: Licensed under GPL
ACM CCS 2012:
Information systems Computing methodologies Human-centered computing Mathematics of computing Information storage systems Computer graphics Visualization Discrete mathematics Record storage systems Animation Graph theory Directory structures Trees B-trees