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ALVIE - Quicksort

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Collection:   AlgoViz
Source: http://algoviz.org/node/519
Format:   Java Application
Recommendation: Unrated.
Description: The ALIVE Quicksort algorithm visualization provides a step control animation of the Quicksort algorithm. The visualization opens with a pseudo code description of a recursive implementation of the Quicksort algorithm. The visualization then moves into two major views. A tree view showing the recursive nature of the algorithm is the first view. This view provides a textual description indicating the current sub-array that will undergo the partition operation. The second view of the visualization depicts the actual partition operation. In this view, the current arrangement of the entire array is displayed alongside a pseudocode implementation of the partition operation. The current code sections in this view are highlighted in correspondence with the given operation. This view also provides textual descriptions of accompanying actions. This visualization will continue to follow the original pseudo code presented at the beginning until the entire array is sorted.
Evaluation: Simple-to-use user interface for walking through the example. Simply open up the AV (see directions below) and step through the example with pseudo-code. As you go through the example, you are directed to the corresponding line in the pseudocode and given a line or two of explanation in the message window. Attractive layout of the data, including colors.
Creator: Pilu Crescenzi  
Publisher: University of Florence  
Subject:   quicksort  N log N sorts  
Language: english  
Relation: AlViE  
Rights: Available on request
ACM CCS 2012:
Human-centered computing Theory of computation Visualization Design and analysis of algorithms Theory and algorithms for application domains Data structures design and analysis Algorithm design techniques Algorithmic game theory and mechanism design Sorting and searching Algorithmic mechanism design