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Algorithms In Action - Radix Trie

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Collection:   AlgoViz
Source: http://algoviz.org/node/495
Format:   Java Applet
Recommendation: Recommended.
Description: Demonstrates building a Radix Trie. Given a set of values, the trie structure is built step by step.
Evaluation: Sophisticated use of pseudocode, that can expand to show more or less detail. Has an explanation window for how the data structure works. Slightly limited in that it doesn't support delete, but does a good job at what it does support.
Creator: Linda Stern  Harald Sondergaard  
Publisher: University of Melbourne  
Subject:   Search Structures  Tries  
Language: english  
Audience:   Educator  Learner  Professional/Practitioner  Researcher  
Education Level:   Higher Education  
Education Material Type:   Instructional Material  Tool  
Relation: Algorithms In Action  
ACM CCS 2012:
Mathematics of computing Information systems Theory of computation Discrete mathematics Data management systems Design and analysis of algorithms Mathematical analysis Graph theory Data structures Algorithm design techniques Trees