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Educational writing prompts

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The beginning of writing is always the crucial part of the whole writing process. It is very hard for students to start doing their essay or other forms of academic paper when they see no values in the process. Only few students in a typical writing class really like doing many paper writing. So if you are the in-charged instructor or teacher to these students how are you going to motivate them to write?

One of the effective solutions that most educators used to solve this problem is through the use of writing prompts. This is a powerful motivator to entice students to write their essay paper. Writing prompts are simply words, ideas, or subjects that provides foundation to construct a writing assignment. Interesting and creative writing prompts can inspire, entice, and thrill the students to write their custom paper. As a teacher you must figure out what are the prompts that you will give to your students.

What kinds of writing prompt that could motivate students to express themselves?
> Writing prompts should have a personal connection to the students. They can write something or connect easily if the subject given to them is something that they can relate to. It should be relevant t their everyday life and culture.

> Open-ended writing prompts. Provide topics or ideas that are unrestricted. Students are more comfortable to write when they know that there is no right and wrong response in their writing. They can express themselves freely and give their opinions without hesitation when you give them no limitations in writing their custom essay.

> Prompts that could piqué the interests of the students. Offer your students with many writing prompts and allow them to pick what they think suits their way of writing. By doing this, you are letting them to show off themselves more and encouraging them to be more personal with their paper writing.