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Publication and Dissemination options

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 Ursula and Kim had suggestions that I missed --
NCTM -- for High School Teachers of Mathematcs
-- Research pre-session for teachers who are
NSTA (National Science Teachers Association)
Journals and magazines
AERJ (American Educational Research Journal)
International Sciety for Learning
Journal of Learning Sciences
Journal of Education in Computing Science (?)
Journal of Computing in Higher Education (Policy pieces)
EDUCAUSE -- Journal of position/reivew-type papers, wide audience,
IEEE Transactions on Education -- more on the engineering side.
Journal of Educational Resources in Computing (JERIC) -- Now known as The ACM Transactions on Computing Education (TOCE).
Computer Science Education -- a journal that has been around for 20 years or so.
Social Science Computer Review
Government Information Quarterly
Digital Government Society of North America
IEEE Transactions on Learning Technology
From Harriet -- Need a focal point, someone to collect all these things.
As people publish, we need those papers gathered together.
Communications of the ACM
Journal of Excellence in College Teaching (Special issue coming)
ASEE and FIE for those with an Engineering component
Contact college and university alumni offices for dissemination in the alumni publications
Also, general public relations magazines and newsletters
Story of project activities onto the college or university website
Social networking might be more picked up by teachers at a cross disciplinary level.  Easy to pass link to others.
Kim is an editor for BlogHER.com  Routine discussion of education, computing, technology, women, policy and tech discussions.  Pass messages to Kim Pearson (kpearson@tcnj.edu)  Many women blog anonymously. 
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These publication venues apply specifically to computational journalism:
1. Nieman Reports
2. Journalism and Mass Communications Educator
3. Poynter.org

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