Ensemble Communities

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CS1 Community Site
The Ensemble Design and Development Effort
TECH Developers
Bargain Book Announcements
RET Collaborative Portal
AP CS Principles Piloters
CS 10K Initative
Music and Computing
Computational Science Curricular Guidelines and Modules
General Discussions
Passion, Beauty, Joy and Awe
What Is Computational Thinking?
Teaching Track Faculty
SIGCSE 2010 Workshop 18 : Using Drupal for Educational Web Site Development
Educational Alliance for a Parallel Future
Interactive Journalism Institute for Middle School (IJIMS)
Distributed Expertise
JCDL/ICADL 2010 Digital Libraries and Education Workshop
Villanova Group
SIGCAS Ontology Project
New User FAQ
MediaComp - Media Computation
Interdisciplinary Computing
Original CS group mission statement
Public vs. private groups
Navigation Cues module - the first attachment has html text for the "help text" for the module that interacts with the social navigation server at Pittsburgh
Documentation - new user FAQ and group owner's guide
How to manage group notifications
5-10 meeting notes
Manually upload a file - for files that too big for php to upload
Modules that do logging
Looking into multisite Drupal
Module management - a proposed process
Suggested Workflow - with production - staging - development servers
Partnership for Advancing Computing Education (PACE)
SE 2004 Review Task Force
Master of Software Assurance (MSwA)
Student Centered Interest Group
Learn Java in N Games
ACM Computing Education in Community Colleges
Tech Pack Ethical Issues
Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges (CCSC)
CSEd4SG (Computer Science Education for Social Good)
Machine Learning
FOSS 2 Serve
Cyber Education Project
Computer Engineering
Information Technology