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The Future of Computing Education Summit brought together 32 leaders of organizations that have a stake in solving the current crisis in computing education where declines in enrollment and diversity are making it difficult to meet industry needs for employees that are skilled in computing. Breakout sessions were used to discuss challenges and strategies, and then a list of action items were defined and attendees signed up as organizers or participants to work on the action items. Breakout sessions addressed issues such as increasing diversity, the role of programming in computing messaging to improve the perception of computing, what measurement and research is required, and how partnerships and collaborations between K-12, academia, and industry can be strengthened. A common theme was the desire for a new organization that would be the public voice for computing education and provide a central repository of resources. Action items included the creation of the new entity, as well as actions to improve research and measurement, public relations, university-industry partnerships, and changing the university.

Future of Computing Education Summit - A Top Level Group