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Meeting Notes 2011-07-17

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Emily G.
Meeting Notes 2011-07-17

Present (via Google+ hangout): Luke, Kelsey, Samir, Malika, Jessica, Emily, Daisy, Aatash


1. Luke made a priority list for current projects.  Check it out here (you can also access the older bug list Aatash made):


Days remaining column changes colors as deadlines approach... pretty snazzy.

2. Luke is hoping Dan (and others!) can add to the list of projects. We may also want to troll through the bug list for some projects. If you want to add to the older bug list, use the form just like before.

3. Luke has emailed Bob about the front page redesign, but hasn't herad back. He will keep us posted.

4. Jessica is going to work on a allowing users to submit computing history tidbits to the history database.

5. Aatash wants to work on a overall speed boost. Luke suggested determining running time of the functions modules are calling to determine which ones take way too long. Then we can deal with those modules and hopefully fix the problem. Samir thinks we should look into clearing the cache, as well.  Luke suggested making a spreadsheet and asking developpers to write their names next to the modules they use and need. We could warn them the unclaimed modules will be disabled and eventually disable/delete them. The databases should also be checkd to see if they contain extra junk.

6. We updated Daisy on the vision for TECH. We want it to be easy to submit and add conent. We want to improve the process of moderating, too. Daisy expressed interest in this project, but she will be unavailable to work on it until the fall semester starts.

To do: 

see the new spreadsheet -thanks, Luke!


 Emily, these are great clear
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 Emily, these are great clear notes!

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