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                                 Collection name Total Description
ACM Women in Computing 897 The mission of ACM's Committee on Women in Computing (ACM-W) is to engage in activities and projects that aim to improve working and learning environments for women in computing.
Algorithm Visualization 528 A gathering place for users and developers of algorithm visualizations and a gateway to AV-related services, collections, and resources.
UC Berkeley Seal The Beauty and Joy of Computing 79 The Beauty and Joy of Computing is a new course offered by UC Berkeley that provides a comprehensive introduction to the world of computing.
stanford_nifty Stanford Nifty Collection 74 Collection of assignments and materials - handouts, starter code, projects - to help CS educators.
BPC 463 The aim of BPC, a NEEDS Pathway participant, is to enable educators at all levels and in both formal and informal settings to easily identify, select, and use educational resources shown by research to be effective for increasing the participation of members of underrepresented groups in information technology.
CITIDEL: Computing Education Resource 260  Computing and Information Technology Interactive Digital Educational Library.
Computer History Museum 393 A collection which provides Computer Science history resources.
CSERD: Computational Science Education Reference Desk 610 http://www.shodor.org/refdesk/ The Computational Science Education Reference Desk (CSERD) features resources to help students learn about computational science and to help teachers incorporate it into the classroom.
CSTA: K-12 CS teaching and learning materials 250 http://drupdev.csc.villanova.edu/csta7/ A Web Repository of K-12 Computer Science Teaching and Learning Materials.
Digital Library Curriculum 36 http://curric.dlib.vt.edu/ A unified digital library curriculum has been developed by collaboration between Dept. of CS at VT and School of Information and Library Science at UNC, Chapel Hill.
iLumina 58 http://www.ilumina-dlib.org/ Educational resources for science & mathematics.
PAWS 25 http://adapt2.sis.pitt.edu/kt/content/Show PAWS Lab Computing Collection : A collection of interactive problems and examples for Java, C, and SQL programming languages The logo is attached.
PlanetMath 386 http://planetmath.org/ PlanetMath computer science collections.
STEMRobotics 343 http://stemrobotics.cs.pdx.edu STEMRobotics is a repository of robotics educational materials. The resources in the repository are intended for K-12 teachers, afterschool program coaches, college/university faculty, students, parents, … in short, anyone interested in learning or teaching robotics. The repository is a resource for students and teachers of: Science, Tech Ed, Engineering, Math, Applied classes, Robotics, Computer Science, Engineering Graphics, FIRST teams in FLL, FTC, FRC, etc. The repository hosts complete curricula (with lessons, assessments, instructor guides, etc.) as well as individual resources (e.g., videos, lectures).
SWENET: The Network Community for Software Engineering Education 64 http://swenet.org/ The Network Community for Software Engineering Education collections.
Walden's Paths - Ensemble Edition 12 http://www.csdl.tamu.edu/walden/ A collection of paths relating to Computing Education.
YouTube Education 467 A collection of video resources from YouTube relating to Computing Education.
DBLogoForPortal.thumbnail.jpg Databases For Many Majors 2 http://databasesmanymajors.faculty.asu.edu/ Resources for the community of scholars and educators engaged in the applications and principles of databases in all majors and areas of interest. Included are animations for helping student learning, along with sample database resources and guidelines for customizing the animations to a wide variety of domains.
Ensemble User Contributions 30 Resources contributed by Ensemble users.
Javalib Javalib 18 Javalib is a repository of JAVA educational materials. The resources in the repository are intended for K-12 teachers, afterschool program coaches, college/university faculty, students, parents, … in short, anyone interested in learning or teaching Java.
Book resource 12 A collection of textbook resources from many University course pages relating to Cybersecurity.
Computational Thinking Computational Thinking 8 Welcome to the Computational Thinking collection! Here, you can work with other users to share, create, and discover new knowledge through collaborative writing activities.
slideshare resource 27 A collection of presentation resources from SlideShare relating to Computing Education.
Curriculum resource 241 A collection of computer science curriculum resources from MIT OpenCourseWare, Microsoft Research Center, and many Universities.
Model AI Assignments Model AI Assignments 17 The Model AI Assignments session of Educational Advances in Artificial Intelligence (EAAI) seeks to gather and disseminate the best assignment designs of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Education community.
CSinParallel Logo CSinParallel 14 CSinParallel (supported by a grant from NSF-TUES) provides a resource for CS educators to find, share, and discuss modular teaching materials that can be used at all levels of the CS curriculum.
Security collections Security Collections 37 Security Collections is a repository of articles, video links and presentations  regarding security issues in various domains. 
  Parallel Computing in Undergraduate Curriculum 2

This collection addresses the rapidly widening gap between highly parallel computer architectures and the sequential programming approach taught in traditional CS courses.