Meeting Notes 2011-10-12

 Dan: just had Ensemble meeting

Luke is going to Philly with Dan on Friday-Sunday


Case Tracker for reporting bugs


Speed issues

* "they" said 4 seconds to load big image

*email from yinlin: according to google, took client 3 seconds to load 3 arch images

* emailed image from Ed Fox:  algoviz v. ensemble speed evaluation



Hosting Nifty/CS10


* has been emailing Yinlin, wants to figure out how to use buttons to slurp in metadata

* official decision: use Fall 2010 Lectures, most recent labs and readings and everything else.


Joyjit: Nifty:

* doing something slightly different from Mark

* Use iframe instead of scraping the php/javascript stuff


Starfish data has to live in Ensemble

* want to go to ensemble to find out and comment on Nifty as one of the collections

* same hiearchy as nifty in ensemble collection (by year)

* need to make exportable nifty collection to build the tree in ensemble



Trivantis-Lectora: should go in webcasting (Video lectures and podcasts?)

should call it just Lectora

Jing: should be in videoconferencing, should just be called Jing

might need new field in metadata page for "Developer"

citations for reviews used in pros/cons should be in external links

Languages, Description don't appear

add another field for reviews