Meeting Notes: With SMILE Pathway developers. 2010-03-05

Very rough notes during a meeting with the developers from SMILE Pathway:

Solar repository
*interface with mySQL

still need to insert records with Drupal interface, not a third party interface

finding areas that would be required for every resource to make everything more searchable and organized

making it so it doesn't look like a database - "it looks like a real website!"

Engineering Pathways - Alice Agogino
*thinking of taking into Drupal too

3 projects could collaborate!

export our stuff to upper level NSDL so everything is searchable

export into Drupal (instead of Fedora) - done by William and James

*CSS will handle more of what you want to do with it
*find out what people want
*"skinning" is least important (eg: changing blue to red, rounding corners, drop shadows)
*plug-in to get live search

also trying to querie users in order to build community
*search for user by category -- look at search bar

look and see who has done it really well and mimck style and see how they handle style

drupal takes work for how to theme well
*Roger figured it out

changing look and feel could propel everything forward

highly useable sites = more traffic, people use them
*10 seconds to retain first time users!

ratings on the top

resource pulled into smile site so smile stuff is on the top

iframe, like digg. "smile bar"
*although people didn't really like the bar on the top.