representation of resources in the ensemle site

In exploring the ensemble site today with a new student worker, I noticed that the access to some resources is not complete. In particular, if you go to the resources tab and click on the CITIDEL link, you get a choice of two of the CITIDEL communities: tutorials and the Computer Science Teaching Center. Those are fine things, but there is no indication that there is a lot more in the CITIDEL site than that. If we are presenting what looks like a link to a resource, then the link should give access to all of the resource, not just a portion.

We looked at AlgoViz also and again we do not get to go directly to the AlgoViz site. We get some material presented in the Ensemble site. I did not explore it enough to know if the representation of AlgoViz is complete.

Please get all of the member collections to be visible in the presentation in Ensemble. We need to do this before the Alpha launch.