Meeting Notes 2009-09-28

Dan's sigsce meeting
moving to ensemble, so we can start
Ensemble demo, "slurping" from websites
"how do we make tech great?"
"how do we migrate the content?"
--Open Archives Initiative:
--stuffing things in fedora (no),
--or run a script/filter/converter on what we already have
--tagged data
"how can we migrate our user base?"
"how to edit the pages once it's over there?"
"how do we make them look the same as in plone?"
forums-- try tech test forum
Dan-- email moderators about move
everyone-- go through ensemble, look @ to do list (forums, rss, etc)
*see what they don't have that we wanted, then it's not our job
(we do the rewards!)
*look at drupal site and look @ other sites/what can be done with it
*play around w/ drupal/ensemble site
Ensemble's types of pages-- forums, book page, collection page, etc.
What should meeting notes be?
group permissions with drupal?
(if a user posts a blog post, do you post TO a group?)