TECH Developers

The judicious use of technology in computing education (in and out of the classroom) can be empowering and transformative. However, it is very difficult to find out what technologies are available, where they have been adopted and how successful that adoption has been. The ACM Education Council has created this site to address this and serve as a central, organized collection of links of teaching resources. This is the group for developers for the TECH project.

Technology that Educators of Computing Hail Developers

2010-04-23 Meeting Notes

Test 1 2 3

Meeting Nites 2009-12-07

*Where data is stored - how to export to Fedora database
*Customize badges so that w can give badges for specific actions, not juts overall points
*Need to have done by beginning of semester
*Put points next to each user's name
*How to change/build modules
*site demo:
-needs more work to look like what TECH site will be
-put up content types (forums, production pages there already - need all)
-badge customization - use point categories. edit moules
-Points categories: sign in as tech. Administer->Content Management->Taxonomy

-Email Yinlin
*edit page in drupal as TECH moderator - how to change fedora and make a new entry in fedora
*updating though slurping? when and how?
*display fedora information nicely. custom look for content
*William did it: check!
-Work on site
*Maybe make a new badges module based on the current one to customize for own uses
*Make list of what badges we want (Google doc)

Meeting Notes 2009-09-28

Dan's sigsce meeting
moving to ensemble, so we can start
Ensemble demo, "slurping" from websites
"how do we make tech great?"
"how do we migrate the content?"
--Open Archives Initiative:
--stuffing things in fedora (no),
--or run a script/filter/converter on what we already have
--tagged data
"how can we migrate our user base?"
"how to edit the pages once it's over there?"
"how do we make them look the same as in plone?"
forums-- try tech test forum
Dan-- email moderators about move
everyone-- go through ensemble, look @ to do list (forums, rss, etc)
*see what they don't have that we wanted, then it's not our job
(we do the rewards!)
*look at drupal site and look @ other sites/what can be done with it
*play around w/ drupal/ensemble site
Ensemble's types of pages-- forums, book page, collection page, etc.
What should meeting notes be?
group permissions with drupal?
(if a user posts a blog post, do you post TO a group?)

Meeting Notes 2009-10-12


* Dan Garcia
* William Li
* James Ide
* Danica Shei
* Daisy Zhou
* Amber Archambo
* Sara LaVigna


* Google conference! Summary of other projects demo-ed there
* Ensemble recursive logo
* Badge ideas were well received
* Blow ensemble's doors off. Get access to ensemble's log data and present a rewards demo using the ensemble data and factor it into our page. Try to get working by Nov 17
* Merging TECH site with fedora back end repository. Has digital library and meta data. The moderators would be modifying the fedora record
* William and James made a scraper and a crawler that converts the plone site. Good job!


* Make two images for every site: screenshot and logo. upload the entire large screenshot onto the page so we can change it to the proper width/height
* Clean the site up
* Remove and incorporate comments and templatize everything 100%
* DDAS: Look at the ensemble logs

Meeting Notes 2009-10-5

Danica: Drupal examples, modules that might be useful, case study
Garcia: agenda for Ensemble Google meeting (TECH/organic rating thingy for Dan)
"applications that changed the world" (tangent from cs0)
moving to drupal: needs some editing before or after automated scraping
deadline Launch-- November...
don't want to move it and have it be frozen/static, because plone still works
Dan: Once it's in, how do you edit a leaf node (technology page) in Ensemble
William: it's like plone, you can edit text wysiwyg style, don't need HTML
Dan: needs tree, and multiple ways to get to the same leaf node
(ex: SIGSCE presentations should go straight into TECH site)
for homework/for next meeting:
brainstorm all the things we need for move to ensemble
(would be easier to have a development site)

Meeting Notes 2009-11-16

Conference call with Bob Siegfried

"User Points Module" (basic)
-can create categories to assign points
-admin gives points
-points can expire
-different options for points: automatic/moderated, receive message, etc

"Badge Module"
-up to 21 levels. 0 to +10, 0 to -10
-based on total point accumulation and role assigned
-need badges for actions - ex) making a blog post, using rating system, etc

"Moderate Module"
-moderating comments and get points for each action as a moderator
-points for viewing

"User Points Contributed Modules"
-Roles: which roles you want to include in the badge game
-Images: uploadable, give weights to different images, user goal. No breakdown by categories yet but on the thread.

In the user data, database structure
-uid is userid
-under each user, you can see login time and access time
-watchdog- to do the "logged in every day for a month" badge shows login data
-look into the tables for information you want
-taxonomy - doesn't show userids, just badges
-might not be anything that speaks to individual user activities
-userpoint modules tracks information on individual users

-need to set up a development computer
-/node/14 on Drupal is the discussion about current integration
-Drupal can be really slow sometimes...
-Drupal runs off of php and some Java is involved
-quickest way to find a module is google: drupal module ____
-drupal module userpoints badge five point (five point rating system)
-look for references between rules and userpoints & rules and badges

Bob will send us an email with all of the modules and example site (Quasif) access

Meeting Notes 2010-04-23

Quick (Incomplete?) Meeting Notes

From Lucas' Presentation
offline rewards (attending SIGCSE for 3 years in a row)
marriot-- tells you how close you are to the next level
scavenger hunt for testing site navigatability
difference between lots and few badges

dan's last minute idea:
take the ranked model, with every badge you have have the arch logo next to it which starts empty and fills up more and more and more as you comment more (or something) as if you go more into the tunnel.

Meeting Notes 2010-09-29

November 1st Deadline: Need everything live, working, and beautiful! Development Cycle Model: *now using nyc for dev /test, manually duplicate onto owaine, which is a mirror of live (how do databases sync between owaine and live?). Then bring dev (nyc) up to date. *separate databases for owaine/live implies content must be created on live site *version control for databases? (no) *Dan emailed Yinlin & Elizabeth already Setting up on NYC *Dan submitted request for space What needs to happen to get TECH on live: *revive the backup on our dev (nyc) *schema to live *data to live

Meeting Notes 2010-10-27

 * James demo: tags, table in topic page that searches by tag, sidebar that collapses.  

* ask the experts for what we need to fix. Make a list!

* get a front page ****

* still not done uploading images

* are all pages up? (even from Plone) Add the rest of the pages

* images: can upload original large images for screenshots because it auto resizes

* tag all the pages (while we upload images)

* Luke: roles

Meeting Notes 2011-01-19

Projects and people working on them (starred projects are important ones that have been promised).



Daisy, William, Samir


Kelsey, Luke


        Malika, Samir

Comp. Thinking




(Luke), Mark

make it look better 

(william), Tosh

*front page design



Meeting Notes 2011-07-08

Present (via Google+ hangout): Dan, Luke, Ian, Kelsey, Samir, Malika, Jessica, Emily


1. Dan expressed reluctance to give moderators responsibility before TECH is current. The resources he has accumulated over the last 3 years need to be added to TECH. Recent CS10 all-stars could possibly help with this project, although Luke noted that the process is tedious.

2. Information that has been recently added to the old plone site needs to be added to our site.

3. Once TECH is current and it can be released to moderators, they need to be notified when new resources are suggested or contributed. Perhaps bspace email lists could be used.

4. Posting resources to TECH was discussed. It needs to be easy, but we hope to give contributers the option to add more information if they can and want to.

5. TECH resource submission system should also make it easy for us to update submissions.

6. Badges group needs to send out the most recent sketch of the badge presentation and get going on making a working version.

7. Samir has learned a lot about Drupal, he and Aatash will continue to work on usability concerns.

To do: 

1. Create a Google Doc (Luke) to organize and prioitize current projects.  Choose/assign tasks bassed on difficulty and importance.

2. Badges will send out recent ideas to group for feedback.

3. Use the website. Figure out what it is missing from it that communities would want and what is unneccessary/confusing.

4. FUTURE SUMMER MEETINGS: 9pm (Pacific time) Sunday evenings on Google+ hangout.

Meeting Notes 2011-07-17

Present (via Google+ hangout): Luke, Kelsey, Samir, Malika, Jessica, Emily, Daisy, Aatash


1. Luke made a priority list for current projects.  Check it out here (you can also access the older bug list Aatash made):

Days remaining column changes colors as deadlines approach... pretty snazzy.

2. Luke is hoping Dan (and others!) can add to the list of projects. We may also want to troll through the bug list for some projects. If you want to add to the older bug list, use the form just like before.

3. Luke has emailed Bob about the front page redesign, but hasn't herad back. He will keep us posted.

4. Jessica is going to work on a allowing users to submit computing history tidbits to the history database.

5. Aatash wants to work on a overall speed boost. Luke suggested determining running time of the functions modules are calling to determine which ones take way too long. Then we can deal with those modules and hopefully fix the problem. Samir thinks we should look into clearing the cache, as well.  Luke suggested making a spreadsheet and asking developpers to write their names next to the modules they use and need. We could warn them the unclaimed modules will be disabled and eventually disable/delete them. The databases should also be checkd to see if they contain extra junk.

6. We updated Daisy on the vision for TECH. We want it to be easy to submit and add conent. We want to improve the process of moderating, too. Daisy expressed interest in this project, but she will be unavailable to work on it until the fall semester starts.

To do: 

see the new spreadsheet -thanks, Luke!

Meeting Notes 2011-09-14

Welcome to Gabe!!

  •   initialization email to Dan
  • OAI import



  • different trees for same leaves, decision on what view to take (by resource type, by topic, etc)



  •  feed on front page "Recent Promotions"

What is Roles? page

  • make/make linked to/pointed to


Other projects

  • making live feed editable
  • login to rate
  • clicking checkboxes? make decisions on UI for achievements (strikethrough? etc)
  • TECH page new tools on the side, the logo needs to be shrinked/resized (keep original) or make the tools smaller (sidebar)

  User Form for submission for review-- (TECH pages)

  • "Submit Ensemble Submission" => "Submit Ensemble resource" (top of page tab 'contribute resources')
  • put new TECH page under that contribute resources tab?


  • find the giant meta-data page to fill in
  • select a topic needs to be easy and visible


  • use form from "create new technology page"
  • don't save to live, instead forward to moderator.


  • 2 links in the contribute resources tab: one for resources, one for TECH page (or maybe icons too to make it look better)


Other TECH stuff

  • "Tutorial For Creating A Technology Page" (by sara) needs to be find-able(currently under TECH developers)
  • get new technologies in there (Dan has a list): **anybody feeling idle** can work on putting in new technologies

We are using Ensemble Priority List! (google doc)
Dan did #11 already!
Added Gabe to the google doc
BJC (Beauty and Joy of Computing) into Ensemble added to the doc

What we are working on:
Ian & Aatash & Kelsey: speedup and efficiency
* already have data on the google doc (speedup links tab)

"This day in computing" submission form, dump to test bin

Kelsey: badges & efficiency

Computing jokes page incomplete still (used to be Samir & Malika?) 


Meeting Notes 2011-10-05

meeting notes 10/5/2011

Welcome to Royce

Luke: needs top achievement people

New Front Page
like the Smile page for the arches
at the bottom: feeds, recently changed/live data stuff (?), recent badges/roles/achievements

November 19/20-- possible trip to Philly with Luke: the big Ensemble meeting

Team checkins:

TECH: Piazza page demo
too many quotes? "description" v "what is it" section 2011/08/05 quote to the what is it section, everything else to reviews
create new field for "Reviews" so we don't
- clarify the tutorial page if needed

looked into OAI server, script from Monica for converting data,
Do we have a local test site? --Luke will forward it
test site also server you can use

been studying javascript the last week, emailed Mark but still waiting on reply to get access to code
can get javascript from site (Gabe's suggestion)
will meet with Luke

Speed Team:
will make a new column in the spreadsheet for people to claim
Dan: remind people during leads meeting

Royce: (Intro)
Moderators for each TECH topic
work with Jessica who is doing the submission page for "this day in history", do smiliar thing for TECH
- email to notify the moderators of a new submission
- email to notify moderators of new comments
- make possible to comment on topic page, email moderators
- make topic page have full description of what they are, not just data pull from leaf nodes
and possibly more data columns about description/cost, not "type" and "terms" (Luke might help with this)
needs to talk to Yinlin
also Boots' team (?) 

Meeting Notes 2011-10-12

 Dan: just had Ensemble meeting

Luke is going to Philly with Dan on Friday-Sunday


Case Tracker for reporting bugs


Speed issues

* "they" said 4 seconds to load big image

*email from yinlin: according to google, took client 3 seconds to load 3 arch images

* emailed image from Ed Fox:  algoviz v. ensemble speed evaluation



Hosting Nifty/CS10


* has been emailing Yinlin, wants to figure out how to use buttons to slurp in metadata

* official decision: use Fall 2010 Lectures, most recent labs and readings and everything else.


Joyjit: Nifty:

* doing something slightly different from Mark

* Use iframe instead of scraping the php/javascript stuff


Starfish data has to live in Ensemble

* want to go to ensemble to find out and comment on Nifty as one of the collections

* same hiearchy as nifty in ensemble collection (by year)

* need to make exportable nifty collection to build the tree in ensemble



Trivantis-Lectora: should go in webcasting (Video lectures and podcasts?)

should call it just Lectora

Jing: should be in videoconferencing, should just be called Jing

might need new field in metadata page for "Developer"

citations for reviews used in pros/cons should be in external links

Languages, Description don't appear

add another field for reviews


Meeting Notes: With SMILE Pathway developers. 2010-03-05

Very rough notes during a meeting with the developers from SMILE Pathway:

Solar repository
*interface with mySQL

still need to insert records with Drupal interface, not a third party interface

finding areas that would be required for every resource to make everything more searchable and organized

making it so it doesn't look like a database - "it looks like a real website!"

Engineering Pathways - Alice Agogino
*thinking of taking into Drupal too

3 projects could collaborate!

export our stuff to upper level NSDL so everything is searchable

export into Drupal (instead of Fedora) - done by William and James

*CSS will handle more of what you want to do with it
*find out what people want
*"skinning" is least important (eg: changing blue to red, rounding corners, drop shadows)
*plug-in to get live search

also trying to querie users in order to build community
*search for user by category -- look at search bar

look and see who has done it really well and mimck style and see how they handle style

drupal takes work for how to theme well
*Roger figured it out

changing look and feel could propel everything forward

highly useable sites = more traffic, people use them
*10 seconds to retain first time users!

ratings on the top

resource pulled into smile site so smile stuff is on the top

iframe, like digg. "smile bar"
*although people didn't really like the bar on the top.