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Welcome, computing educator! The goal of this site is to provide you with a vast array of ready-for-prime-time technology resources to use in your teaching. We divide these into topics in two categories below: those used in class and those used outside of class. For most of the resources, we present a discussion page with more details about the technology and an opportunity to share your experiences with other educators.

Site Structure

This website is divided into three tiers - the first tier is the Home page, which contains the in-class and outside-of-class topic listings. The second tier is the topic pages (e.g., for Presentation Software or Project Inspiration). Each topic page is maintained by moderators, who add or remove links from the topic page as a response to comments and/or emails. The third tier consists of the individual technology pages (e.g., for PowerPoint or Nifty Assignments). Each technology page contains a description, a link to the remote website, a rating, a discussion thread, cost, and other metadata.

TECH Hierarchy

Technology that Educators of Computing Hail