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Report process and timeline

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This is our plan for the timeline and process for generating the report for the Data Science meeting. Comments and concerns are welcome.

Please note: The group is open and anyone who is interested can comment on the report as it evolves. If you wish to be able to edit what is shown, you must be a member of the group.  If you are not a membe and would like to be one, send an email to Boots: cassel@acm.org

Report process

10/29/2015 – 11/6/2015: Display a rough outline and ask participants to comment

  • The topics under the headings are representative samples and not intended to be complete.
  • Is something missing?
  • Level of thematic finding, or specific recommendations
  • Comments about the structure.

11/7/2015 – 11/24/2015: Heikki and Boots fill in content, mostly outline form.

11/25/2015 – 12/18/2015: The participants are invited to contribute to the document by 

  • Improving existing content or adding to it
  • Commenting on existing content either by disagreeing with or supporting existing sections
  • Contributing an entire section
  • Commenting on contributions by other participants

1/4/2016 – 1/16/2016: Heikki and Boots produce text for the final report

1/16/2016 – 1/29/2016: Participants are invited to contribute in the following ways

  • Comments and modification recommendations allowed
  • If something seems wrong or not properly represented, we fix and check again. 
  • No new content at that point for the report.

1/30/2016 – 2/29/2016: Boots and Heikki will produce the final version of the report.

The content will remain on the site and the discussion can continue.