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Machine Learning

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Machine Learning has become a mainstay in the battle with information overload and the preferred technology for exploring the science of Big Data. As research generates immense quantities of data, measured now in terabytes, the requirement for machine processing has moved from the realm of the data processing specialist to that of sophisticated and intelligent data management and analysis tools that can be used by anybody. Science, Engineering, Arts and many other endeavors will increasingly rely on such machine learning tools.

To facilitate broader understanding of machine learning in a wide range of disciplines, this project gently and thoroughly introduces the concepts and techniques of machine learning to undergraduate level students, and the professors who teach them. This material, in the form of teaching and learning modules, enables courses in many disciplines to incoporate a little or a lot of relevant machine learning content.

Following are the modules that are appropriate for those who are brand new to the idea of machine learning, for those with more background and experiences with the concepts, and everybody in between.


More modules to come................