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Data Science Education Meeting

This community site will accumulate resources relevant to developing and implementing programs in data science.  It is an outcome of an NSF-funded workshop, held October 1 - 3, 2015 in Crystal City (Arlington, VA).  The meeting was chaired by Boots Cassel (cassel@acm.org) and Heikki Topi (htopi@bentley.edu) and both are happy to address questions.  

We are now in the process of developing the report of the workshop results.  The workshop brought together a very diverse set of people who approach data science from a number of different perspectives.  The report will attempt to capture the areas of consensus and give due attention to the areas where there are differences of opinion.  The report generation will be an open, collaborative process, with input welcome from all who attended.  Comments from those interested in the topic, but who were not at the meeting, may also be valuable.  


The outline looks good.  No major comments.  

I mainly wanted to point out an interesting paper from MSR I recently came across.  The paper details the result of interviewing a bunch of data scientists working with software teams inside Microsoft to try to figure out what they actually did day-to-day and what skills they were actually using.  


Its probably biased towards a certain class of data scientists (ones working in CS teams in industry -- not in say univesity science labs) .  But still, I would guess, the experiences are fairly broadly relevant.  

By jeffp

Getting a good collection of resources is a valuable part of this activity.  Thank you for this one, and for the approval of the outline.



By bootsprojects